Broken Flowers: Broken middle age

Jim Jarmusch sketches life in a city in current American society.

Don (Bill Murray), the middle-aged unmarried man seems to have just ended his relationship with his nearest lover. Compared to Don Juan (a fictional character who sacrifices his whole life to seduce girls), Don looks melancholy sitting on the sofa, and with that melancholy look is pushed on a journey to find back old lovers after so many years of separation.

Not to reconnect or gossip, not to look back on the lost time, but to investigate whether the pink letter sent a reminder that Don has a son nearly 19 years old. Is the attempt to meet you true, and if so, who is Don's child to?

Những Cánh Hoa Rơi (Broken Flowers) 2005 : Tuổi trung niên nghiệt ngã

The rhythm of the Broken Flowers movie is much slower than the way Don walked. But in it there is a strange attraction, no rush or fear of time, separation from the world and no longer really interested in anything. The journey is planned and motivated by a neighbor who loves to investigate and detectives.

Don always carries pink flowers as instructed, trying to find a typewriter and all the pink details. First, he quickly reached Laura's house and was welcomed by Laura's daughter Lolita. As a true Lolita-inspired character of Vladimir Nabokov, some of the offensive situations inevitably arise to be amusing, seemingly to have failed, but Don's indifference seems to have saved it, they had dinner with chicken and Don spent the night at Laura's house.

It was followed by a meeting that sometimes awakened suffering and embarrassment at the home of her ex-lover Dora and her husband; or the humor of a meeting with what is now known as Dr. Markorski and the ability to communicate with animals thanks to the dead dog of the same name as the neighbor who pushed Don on this journey. : Winston; or the punch Don received from a man when he met Penny; or to the pain of tears and indifference of Don when visiting Michelle Pepe's grave. To finally Don returned without knowing if he really had a son and if so, who was his mother.

Những Cánh Hoa Rơi (Broken Flowers) 2005 : Tuổi trung niên nghiệt ngã

One would not expect much from the intensity or depth of the reunion, sometimes they were just meaningless and unclear stories. The state that Don fell into during the journey of reviewing his childhood was an unbelievably distant state.

Don seemed to lose the ability to express his emotions, sometimes it was rare when Don's eyes lit up a small joy or filled with tears. A middle-aged person depicted as someone who never really lived with his distant past is fast-forwarded and filled with empty images.

Fate is looking to bring Don to meet a young man most likely his son. A verse in which Don seeks a connection.

He bought Sandwich, water and coffee for him. In Broken Flowers They talk to each other about the philosophy of life and if it is the son of the real Don, this is the first thing he taught his children, whether it is empty and meaningless or not: “The past is over I know that. The future has not come, no matter what the future is. So, all we have is the present. ”

After Don's affirmation, not "I think I'm your father" but "I know you think I'm your father", the young man ran away leaving a secret that only Don's faith could have. answers.

The old man is like wilted flowers, in the last moments of the movie, it seems that he has suddenly found a way to connect between himself and life. A little thought in the eyes, a small ray of light, an unchangeable face and constant melancholy. I do not know what Don is thinking, maybe Don has solved the secret of the letter or not. But one thing I believe for sure is deep inside Don, at least there has been a slight change.

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